Barriers which block the Blessing (part 2) – Look where you sow

The article of today is near which I wrote yesterday: If the Word/teaching is out of context, we aren´t able to see results desired.

I shall give a point of view to the fact that some times we can´t to see results because we conclude Word/teaching by wrong way.

Let me give an example: tithes/offers.

Last week I read a short writing of the matter, how one might pay offers/tithe – alltought he/she knew that the receiver is misusing money.

I have wrote the matter also before in Finnish in articles.Mitä kylvat, sitä niitat Unfortunately these aren´t available in English, yet.

Anyway, in the article mentioned above, I focus to the fact that mostly original sources speaking of seeding and harvesting didn´t spoke about money, but instead of that, the point was:

1) Sowing the Word
2) The ground to which one sew and quality of the grond (good or poor; selfish or the field of Holy Spirit)
3) Building the Temple of Lord
4) And the fact: A bad tree can´t bear good fruits or a good tree bad fruits.

All af those details are stressing on the ground to which one is sowing. In a good ground the seed sown has possibities to grow as it is planned to do – by effective, good way.

Toward this background we have to seriously ask: Is it pure, good believing heart the only precondition – and it doesn´t matter how one use money given?

We here in Finland are in a happy situation because our Law is rather strict toward gathering money. One can´t use money as he/she wants. The permission to gather money isn´t easy to get.

Anyway, we may think twice before we give/tithe/offer. We have to consider for example, how the pastor/assembly teaches and to what kind of purposes they use money given.

If we invoke to the Bible in offering/tithng/giving money, we may do that by logic way:
1) We have to sow the the fertile ground.
2) We have to sow the the field of Holy Spirit.
3) We have to build up the Temple of Lord/His Kingdom.
4) We have to look for/at fruit, results.

Julkaissut Pauliina Kuikka

pastori, valokuvaaja, sisällöntuottaja - pastor, photographer, content manager


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